Our must-try recipes are designed to make life easier (and tastier) all round, with inspirational ideas and a large helping of flavour from the freshest seasonal ingredients. Take your pick from our three favourite collections below.

Summer is served

Summer really is your chance to shine in the kitchen. Here we've chosen our favourite recipes for fun-packed picnics, finger-lickin' barbecues and family get-togethers. Let our delicious culinary creations bring food, family and friends together this summer.

From-scratch specials

From the Morrisons Kitchen Chefs

Menu Makers

Our chefs love to serve up fresh ideas, inspired by our very own fresh ingredients. Here are some of their favourite 'best of' recipes, all designed to make the most of what we make.

Our Menu Maker says:

When I look for inspiration, the first thing I do is take a walk along Morrisons Market Street. The bright produce, fresh fish, delicious-looking deli, bustling bakery and well stocked butchery counters really get the ideas flowing.

Mike Hibberd - Development Chef

Emotion Cookbook

Browse our Emotion Cookbook for feel-good food recipes.

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