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Morrisons Delivery Pass

Unlimited friendly deliveries for one simple payment

Choose the right pass for you
  • Choose a pass from as little as £5 per month
  • Unlimited deliveries on online shops over £40
  • Save on deliveries or your money back

What is a Morrisons Delivery Pass?

Morrisons Delivery Pass allows you to shop online as often as you like without having to pay for delivery every time you checkout. All you have to do is choose the length of your delivery pass and when you want your deliveries.

Step 1 Choose when you want your deliveries

Choose from either an anytime (7 day) pass or midweek (Tuesday - Thursday) pass. Once you choose a pass, you're covered for all deliveries within the pass and you won't have to pay extra in peak periods.

Step 2 Choose the length of your delivery pass

Choose from either monthly, 6 month or annual pass

*Based on one shop per week at an average delivery cost of £3.89

Morrisons Delivery Pass

  • How often?

    Mid-week or all week, it's up to you

  • How long?

    Enjoy up to 12 months of grocery deliveries


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