2019 Christmas Delivery slots

Add more items whenever you like

1 - Book your slot and add items whenever you like

Just book your Christmas slot and add more items to your trolley as your Christmas list grows.

Checkout to update your order

2 - Checkout to update your order

Once you've added all your new items, checkout to apply the changes.

Check your order cut-off

3 - Make final changes before 'cut-off'

Complete your final changes and checkout before the cut-off times below.

Our Christmas delivery dates

Delivery slots between 20th - 24th December have been released however are subject to availability.

Edit your order until...

The earlier you complete your shop, the more likely we are to have our most popular seasonal items in stock. If you forget something, just edit your order later.

Delivery booked to arrive on...

Cut-off time for changes


24hrs before delivery


24hrs before delivery


23:25 20th December


23:25 20th December


23:25 21st December

Get in touch about Food to Order

Food to Order deadlines differ from the above. Contact us about your collection below.

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Treat you and your family this Christmas. With Morrisons 'The Best' you can choose from over 900 delicious products.

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Get in touch by emailing or calling us - check the bottom of our Contact Us page for details.

Adverse weather conditions

In the event of any delays due to adverse weather conditions - we will do everything we can to get our service back to normal.

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